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80 Federal Road. Welland, Ontario. L3B 3P2
25 Niagara Stone Road. NOTL, Ontario. L0S 1J0
  • Can I do this myself?

    We recommend that you have helpers working with you. You don’t want to reach the 2 hour mark and still have lots of concrete still to empty. The sooner you can get the concrete set in place the better. If you’re pouring a slab or sidewalk we also recommend that you have one person return the trailer while the other continues finishing the concrete surface.

  • Do I have to wash the trailer?

    Yes wash out the trailer as best as you can with your garden hose before returning it.

  • How much does the trailer hold?

    Our trailers from 1/4 yard to 1 full yard of concrete

  • What do I need to pull the trailer?

    This depends on how much concrete you need….You will require a 2” ball and ball mount as well as a trailer light adapter. Generally a ½ ton pickup can tow a yard of concrete

  • Do you take reservations or book trailers?

    If you want to guarantee a trailer for a specific day and time we recommend booking a trailer and we encourage you to call a head. Regardless of a reservation or not we’ll do our best to get you back to your job as quick as possible. Usually calling 1-2 days s ahead of time is plenty but if you don't have an appointment we'll do our best to get you back to your job-site as quickly as possible.

  • Do you have rental tools?

    Yes we have floats and edgers available.

  • Do you have delivery?

    Yes we can arrange deliveries but you may need to book deliveries in advance as we can't guarantee same day delivery requests.

  • How do I unload the trailer?

    The trailer has a cylinder operated by a hand pump. Lift the trailer half way up, open the door and start hoeing or shoveling the concrete into a wheel barrow. Continue jacking up trailer as you go.

  • What can I save by buying from Tow n Go Concrete?

    A yard of concrete from Tow N Go Concrete is roughly $250.00 per yard which is less expensive then mixing 54 bags of concrete by hand or add the cost of renting a mixer.

80 Federal Road
Welland, Ontario
L3B 3P2

25 Niagara Stone Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
L0S 1J0

Monday - Friday (8:00 - 4:00)*
Saturday (8:00 - 2:00)**
Sunday (Closed)

*Last load leaves at 2:00
**Last load leaves at 12:00